Thursday, January 6, 2011

Taxis of the Future Soon to Hit New York Streets

The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission has announced the three finalists for the vehicle they will choose to replace New York's aging taxi fleet. The winning cab will replace a large chunk of over 13,000 cabs that traverse the city. Whichever design is chosen will have a major impact on which green fleet technologies get adopted - New York has the largest taxi market in the US - and which don't.

These are the criteria that will determine the winning bid:
  • Meets highest safety standards
  • Superior passenger experience
  • Superior driver comfort and amenities
  • Appropriate purchase price and ongoing maintenance and repair costs
  • Smaller environmental footprint (lower emissions and improved fuel economy)
  • Smaller physical footprint (with more usable interior room)
  • Compliance with appropriate Americans with Disabilities Act requirements
  • Iconic design that will identify the new taxi with New York City
It will be especially interesting to see how the winning cab stacks up, in terms of fuel efficiency, with the city's current crop of hybrid-electric cabs, or Chicago's CNG (compressed natural gas) cabs that I wrote about here. This is to say nothing of San Francisco's Japanese-made all-electric cabs that received a huge federal grant earlier this year. 

Here are the finalists:
Turkish automaker Karsan's entry, the only cab that is wheelchair-accessible

Ford Transit Connect Taxi

Nissan's finalist

Via: Planetizen


  1. Wheelchair accessibility wins. And I like the roof. Not that you can really see the stars from the streets of NYC, but looking up at the buildings is cool.

  2. I agree 100% - it definitely looks like the best model. But something tells me the New York unions will flip their shit if the Ford model isn't chosen - "why does New York (and Bloomberg a.k.a. the JEW MAYOR :) hate America?" LOL not so farfetched!

  3. Ford's model looks like a bloated rollerskate.