Sunday, March 13, 2011

Range Anxiety? There's An App for That

Mobile apps are coming to the rescue of EV charging networks that are seriously lacking in all but a few corridors in the US. "Range anxiety," or the fear that your car will run out of juice before you can recharge it at the charging station, is a major obstacle to overcome before electric vehicles become truly mainstream in the US auto market.

Not only does this free app list EV drivers near you who are willing to offer you a charge; it also has a comprehensive directory of all the public EV charging stations, so you are never again too far away to get your car charged. It will be interesting to see which how this app takes off - is it like a Craigslist for EV drivers, where strangers freely exchange services? Or is it more like FourSquare, where public "place listings" for EV charging stations help out drivers in need?



  1. Here's how SF is going to led the way to try to prevent range anxiety and still promote electric cars:

  2. Thanks for the link, Rach! SF is so far ahead of other cities in the EV race it's ridiculous. A lot of that has to do with Better Place, a Palo Alto-based charging station manufacturer. It's curious that the article didn't mention them.