Friday, May 6, 2011

Blog Spotlight - Street Art Utopia

I've written recently about how graffiti - excuse me, hipsters - "street art" has inspired me in my travels around the world. I really think there's no other artistic medium as innovative, fresh, and in-tune with the spirit of the moment, the zeitgeist, that can really capture a sense of place. I'm dedicating this week's post to the blog Street Art Utopia for having introduced me to some of the most fantastic graffiti scenes I've ever witnessed. Here's just a few they've featured from the month of April. I'm sorry these murals did not have location info - otherwise, I would've uploaded them into Google StreetArt View :)

Graffiti as imagined by five-year-olds!

Medussa oblongata....

The priests at this cathedral might wanna ask for their money back!


Garden-themed mural

I love the 3-dimensionality of this one - reminds me of an Escher painting

Hard to tell where the painting ends and reality begins!


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