Friday, May 28, 2010

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Making Headway in Europe

Yet another great development in building a solid infrastructure of electric vehicle charging stations! Dutch high-tech firm Epyon has developed a series of very commercially viable charging station for electric vehicles. While this is hardly the first such network of charging stations in Europe, it is one of the fastest and most user-friendly models we have seen.

According to Green Car Advisor, Epyon's stations are capable of fully charging the 9-person taxi-vans of Taxi Kijlstra, one of the largest taxi companies in the Netherlands, in only 30 minutes. Thereafter, the taxis can drive up to 100 miles before having to recharge again. A single Epyon EV charger can charge multiple vehicles at once, unique among the EV charging stations we have seen so far. Only further investment in electric vehicle charging networks (funding more stations) will create an environment in which the 100-mile limit of the electric charges is not such a hurdle for fleets and their drivers.


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