Wednesday, May 12, 2010

URBDP 422 - Final Project with Daniel Rowe, December 2009

This was the Final Project for Urban Planning 422: Urban and Regional Geo-spatial Analysis. If that title doesn't sound intimidating enough for you, I was the only undergraduate in a room full of grad students. The requirements for the class? Ten labs (about two hours each), a midterm, a final exam, about 200 pages of reading that were never discussed in class, and a quarter-long project itself with two outside interviews and three other intermittent deadlines. No big deal, right? :) Well, here's the result of this painful SOB that made me realize at least one reason I may hold off on grad school for a while - to avoid going completely fucking nuts!

Special thanks to Daniel Rowe (UW Masters of Urban Planning Program), Colette Flanagan (King County DOT GIS Support), and Chad Lynch (City of Seattle GIS Supervisor).

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