Thursday, December 30, 2010

EV Charging Stations Coming to...A McDonalds Near You?

We've all heard the old, tired line before: environmentalism is an affectation of the rich; only latte-sipping liberals care about their carbon footprint; my personal favorite - urban planning is a socialist Obama conspiracy against the suburban neighborhoods where real, red-blooded Americans live.

Some of these pathetic arguments may be put to rest by one of the more surprising developments in EV charging infrastructure. They're installing EV stations at, you guessed it, the McDonalds near you. Specifically, two Level 2 charging stations are being installed at this McDonalds in Huntington, West Virginia.

You know electric vehicles like the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf (and Ford Focus electric, hitting the market in 2012) have arrived when any given McDonalds will have spots for drivers to plug in their vehicles.

McDonalds charging station in the Netherlands, courtesy of
If we can corner the fast food market with EV stations - that is, make them an easily integrated and functional part of our fast-food/strip-mall landscape - we just might have the shot in the arm needed to kick our addiction to fossil fuels.

Photo courtesy of The Happy Hospitalist
 The map of McDonald's locations across the US begs the question of "where isn't there a micky dees near me?" Could it one day lead to the same question about charging stations? Let's fucking hope so!
Via: CityFix

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