Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Even Santa Claus Likes Bike-Sharing

The Santa population of London has taken to the streets in favor of the new bike-sharing system there, Boris Bikes. 

Nicknamed after London's mayor, Boris Johnson, the system began this past July, with 5,000 bikes at 315 stations in Central London. Boris Bikes has the enviable distinction of being the only public transit program in decades to actually make a profit. So far the program has been exceedingly popular - over 90,000 Londoners are now members, and one million rides were taken by the end of September - a great start for this brand new program.

If you are with your family this Christmas season, you may want to hide ya kids, hide ya wife...because there's no good way to explain 30 Santas riding bikes to your six year old!

Drury Lane station, with 27 bikes

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